Infection biology and malaria in Swedish high schools

Starting into the midsommar weekend, our PhD student Franziska just finished teaching a group of high school students from Stockholm about infection biology!

Together with Alexis Dziedziech from Stockholm University Franziska explained different kinds of infections, including Plasmodium species infections and malaria over the course of two weeks! With great success, the students presented what they have learned during this time today!

Glad midsommar!!


Johan Ankarklev recieves grant from Swedish Society for Medical Research

Johan Ankarklev has been awarded the “Great Grant of the Swedish Society for Medical Research (SSMF)”. The grant, running for four years, is a great support for young researchers aiming to establish their own research groups.

Johan recieved his diploma at a ceremony in downtown Stockholm September 26th. Please visit SSMF homepage for more information.