Johan Ankarklev, PhD
Position: PI, Group Leader

Johan Ankarklev is a newly established Group Leader at the Department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Gren Institute at Stockholm University. He is a dedicated parasitologist with a strong background in molecular biology and his passion lies within addressing basic biological questions relating to important infectious diseases. Of particular interest are the transmission stages in the complex lifecycle of the malaria parasite. Being a Stockholm Native, Johan grew up playing ice-hockey, which led him to move to Canada at the age of 16. After high-school he ended up doing his undergraduate studies in biological sciences at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2004 Johan returned to Sweden to complete his MSc in molecular biology followed  by a  PhD on the topic of comparative genomics of the intestinal parasite Giardia intestinalis at Uppsala University. During his postdoc years at Harvard University, Boston, MA and Weill-Cornell Medical College, New York, NY, Johan switched his focus to malaria, and since the summer of 2017 he runs his own research group at MBW, Stockholm University.

Apart from science, Johan´s great passion in life is Ice Hockey. As of late he’s been coaching young hockey players both at Ice Hockey in Harlem, NYC, and at the rinks around Stockholm.

Oleksii Skorokhod, PhD
Position: Research fellow

Oleksii is an experienced immunologist and parasitologist, who is currently addressing the topic of immune evasion by the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. In his research, he uses a plethora of laboratory techniques ranging from molecular and cell biology in combination with state-of-the-art live cell microscopy and lab on a chip devices. Oleksii was born in the Ukraine and obtained a doctoral degree in Biochemistry at Moscow State University, Russia. Later he obtained an additional PhD in Molecular Medicine at Torino University, Italy, focused at the mechanisms underlying malaria anemia and molecular immune modulation in several diseases (e.g. malaria, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease).

Outside the lab, Oleksii has a passion for the arts, where he combines his two skills by illustrating scientific phenomena like cellular interactions and biological models.

Mubasher Mohammed
Position: PhD student

Mubasher is pursuing a PhD in the Ankarklev Lab. His research interests include  parasite-host interactions inside the human host and parasite development in the mosquito vector. Originally from Sudan, Mubasher got his bachelor degree from the University of Khartoum on the topic of Medical Laboratory Science with Specialization in Hematology and Blood Transfusion. His interest in parasitology led him to Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm where he did his thesis degree project studying the immunological response in blood samples from a malaria outbreak on the Vanuato Islands outside Australia. After an eight month internship at the Institute of Tropical Medicine at Nagasaki University, Japan he recently joined the Ankarklev Lab.

Mubasher is a true soccer aficionado and used to play for the University Team in Khartoum.

Terrence Tigney
Position: PhD student

Terrence has a strong background in molecular biology, and as a PhD student in the Ankarklev Lab he aims to improve our understanding of the involvement of regulatory factors during specific developmental stages of the malaria lifecycle. Originally from Michigan, USA, Terrence obtained his Bachelor in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He did his Master in Biology at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, where he focused on epigenetic regulation in mammalian cells.

“The King of the Beat”, Terrence can set any dance hall on fire with his standard or latin repertoire.

Franziska Hildebrandt
Position: PhD student

Franziska is the most recent grad student to join the Ankarklev lab. She has a passion for infection modeling and wants to find out how the complicated life-cycle of the malaria parasite is coordinated. Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Franzi got both her Bachelor and Master degrees in Biology from the Ludwig-Maximilian University. For her Masters she studied the cellular communication between pathogenic bacteria, their nematode symbionts and the insect hosts.

Franzi’s second passion in life is dance, from classic ballet to jazz, modern and contemporary dance, she loves to move and tell a story via the music.

Gordana Horvacanin
Position: Laboratory Technician

As a shared lab tech between the Ankarklev and the Emami labs, Gordana makes sure that the parasite culture and mosquito facilities run properly and smoothly. Gordana has always been interested in nature and animals. In her home country, Croatia, she obtained a degree as a veterinary technician. Since then she has experience working on a veterinary ambulance, among many other things.

Gordana is a martial arts enthusiast, and has been coaching young girls and boys in taekwondo.

Lab Alumni

Niklas Henriksson, PhD
Previuos position: Scientific Coordinator

S. Noushin Emami, PhD
Previuos position: Research Associate